Break Out Sessions

05 Apr 2019
13:30 - 15:00
SESSION 8: Auditorium / SESSION 9: L1-S3 / SESSION 10: L1-S1

Break Out Sessions

Break Out Session 7

Venue: Auditorium

Disaster management: Lessons learnt from overseas experiences

Mr Benjamin William, CEO and Secretary General, Singapore Red Cross

Even in silence – A young woman’s journey of sexual abuse and recovery

Ms Vivienne Ng, Chief Psychologist, Office of the Chief Psychologist, Ministry of Social and Family Development


Ms Danyya Ateera, Author of Book “Even in Silence”

Break Out Session 8

Venue: L1-S3

Best Practices in Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

  • Screening
  • Safety
  • Matching Interventions

Benjamin E. Saunders
 Lucy Berliner

Break Out Session 9

Venue: L1-S1

Practice what you preach: Therapists self-care and management of secondary traumatic stress

Esther Deblingers
Monica Fitzgerald